The Bandido Charlie Association (BCA) is a non-dues paying organization. Conversely, there are many veteran organizations in existence and most of them require dues. The BCA believes all veterans have paid their dues for our country and they should never be asked to pay more. The Bandido Charlie Association has been in formal existence since 2003, and have never asked a veteran member to pay dues. That policy continues to be in effect. The Association is made up of veterans of all services and all eras, and they are welcomed as Associate Members.

That being the case, and because the Bandidos have been a positive influence on many, they were fortunate to have had private donations from individuals surrounding the Bandido Charlie community. These funds were given to the BCA with fond intentions, expecting nothing in return. The BCA is privileged and grateful to be associated with such individuals.

Regardless, in any venture or activity the BCA undertakes, money is involved. The BCA does not hesitate to assist any veteran or his family in need, be it active duty or veteran of previous service as a Bandido. The BCA consistently provides support and assistance to deployed units of the Bandidos, to Bandidos who are deployed in other units, and to their dependents. The BCA considers all soldiers who have ever been in Bandido Charlie to always be a Bandido.

Other expenses are the website, mailings to Bandidos who do not have computers and email capability, printing expenses, envelopes, stamps, and related expenses. The BCA officers are never reimbursed for expenses such as travel for functions associated with the Association, and personal equipment uses of computers, printers, paper or ink. There are no funds allocated for use by any officer of the Association, nor is it expected. All officers provide their services on a 100% voluntary basis.

However, in order to sustain its commitment, the BCA does need financial help. The BCA asks if you would, please donate to the Bandidos. No specific amount is designated, and only if you can afford it. The BCA is a non-profit (lRS 501C (3)) organization. As such, will provide you a letter of contribution for tax deduction purposes. This authorization will be mailed to you with our thanks and gratitude.

As an incentive, the Bandidos will offer an item of Bandido memorabilia such as a Bandido hat, coin, patch, etc. for each $25.OO donation.

Donations can be mailed to the Secretary/Treasurer at the following address:

Hohman, John H

PO Box 71

Milton DE  19968

Email: John Hohman 



The Bandido Charlie Association is the sole owner of this website and its content.

Ron Morgan, Bandido Charlie Associate, is Webmaster and Editor for the Bandido Charlie News, E-mail:

Membership in the Bandido Charlie Association is Free.  We depend on donations and collect no fees or dues.  The Officers of this Bandido Charlie Association are not paid.  The Officers are not reimbursed for their equipment and software used. We use our funds to pay expenses and support Bandidos and their families.